Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thought this was interesting enough to share...

I've only read two books by Stephen King. I've read Carrie (not exactly shocking) and his book On Writing. His book On Writing was really incredible and it was interesting to see inside King's life, what led him to writing, and the roads he took before and after becoming so successful.

There were two parts that stand out as my favorites:

In C.V. Section 8, when King talks about the short stories he wrote when he was young, he said that his mother liked them so much, she paid him a quarter for each of them so she could send them her sisters. He says "Four stories. A quarter apiece. That was the first buck I made in this business." (p. 29).

I also really liked in section 28 when he talked about when he started to write Carrie (the book that gained him his initial fame). King said, "I couldn't see wasting two weeks, maybe even a month, creating a novella I didn't like and wouldn't be able to sell. So I threw it away." (pp. 76-77). It was actually his wife that fished the pages out of the trash and uncrumpled them. Then she told him to keep going with it. "You've got something here," she said. "I really think you do."

What if she hadn't taken it out of the trash?!?

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