Sunday, January 20, 2013

Falling Over the Finish Line

My second book titled: Falling Over the Finish Line is now for sale on in paperback and for the Kindle! To check it out, click the following link.

Book description:
For a small town in Kentucky in the 1940s, horse racing is a way of life and the Weldons are considered royalty in the Sport of Kings. Raymond Weldon made himself a rich man through breeding and racing horses. Although his winning record is about to face the impending threat of the Reed family as they strive to take over the races with the highest stakes and go after The Triple Crown. However, as the 1947 racing season approaches, both families are dealing with internal scandals that could ruin them both. Gloria Weldon and Ben Reed, the youngest members of each family, try to find a way of surviving it all. At the same time they also try to find their own way in life, love, and the world of horse racing.

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